How-To: Upload a File in PHP?

How-To: Upload a File in PHP?


Lately I have seen a ton of questions on the message board about uploading files to the server. It seems as if this is an epidemic that needs to be cured. I have written a PHP class for file uploads which some members of the message board have used and it helped to simplify their lives. Today we will attempt to write our own highly customizable file upload class. Before we get started get yourself a soda and something to munch on because this might take a while. Ready....(pause for the gathering of goodies)..okay let's begin.

What is a class and why do I need one?

Well to put it simply a class is a series of functions that work hand and hand to create an outcome. The reason a class works so great with uploading files is because there are a ton of functions one could write that would all depend on each other's outcome before the final result can be determined. For this reason we write a class instead of 10 functions and taking the time to validate each one.

Another beauty of a class is you can call any of the features within the class that you wish. For instance, with this class there will be 'x' amount of functions, all playing their role in the outcome of the actual upload process. If you wish to use this class to only verify a file's size and not upload it to the server, well you can. If you just wanted to get the file's extension and validate it, you could. That is the beauty of a class. If set up properly, classes are artwork, not just heavy amounts of code.

For rest of the tutorial read here.


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