Autocomplete Tutorial using Dojo Toolkit

Unlike Yahoo, Google only shows the number of results and does not show similar or related keywords—called "concepts." Yahoo also shows text queries where the keyword is in the middle or the end. For example, a search for "java" also suggests "free java download."

To implement this widget on your site, you can write all the logic from scratch or use one of the available AJAX widgets. I will look at widgets from Dojo, Scriptaculous, and Yahoo User Interface (YUI) libraries. They are all conceptually similar. They all send a asynchronous request to the server as soon as the user starts to type. As the response is received, they open a dialog on the client side, and populate it with suggestions from the server. Because this technology is server-side agnostic, you can use any application server on the back end.

Implementation in Dojo

To add a Dojo auto-complete combo box, you need to import main Dojo libraries (either on the page or in the main header if it is reused throughout the site).

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