Make Ajax Based Chat Applications in Minutes!!!!!

Its the most comprehensive collection of all the Ajax based Chat systems.

Now, its very simple to just use these freely distributed code and demo so that one can integrate in any of the server side or client side for Chatting purpose.

One can also use them in their blogs and target readers and encourage user engagement.

AJAX Chat Sources Code for Download
After a slow start (following the announcement of the XHTML (ajax) Chat) things got finally busy. I had so many requests that I have decided to offer the complete sources for download.

Lace - Ajax ChatLace is a free, lightweight Ajaxian communications engine suitable for a shoutbox, chat room or similar. Version 0.1.3 brings with it several bug fixes, a tiny bit of code reorganization and most importantly, an oft-requested User List.

Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever
Very easy to use AJAX chat demo.

Know of more scripts? Drop in comments and share with us.

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