PHP Forms tutorials for Begineers!!!

It is time to apply the knowledge you have obtained thus far and put it to real use. A very common application of PHP is to have an HTML form gather information from a website's visitor and then use PHP to do process that information. In this lesson we will simulate a small business's website that is implementing a very simple order form.

Imagine we are an art supply store that sells brushes, paint, and erasers. To gather order information from our prospective customers we will have to make a page with an HTML form to gather the customer's order.

Note: This is an oversimplified example to educate you how to use PHP to process HTML form information. This example is not intended nor advised to be used on a real business website.

If you need a refresher on how to properly make an HTML form, check out the HTML Form Lesson before continuing on.

We first create an HTML form that will let our customer choose what they would like to purchase. This file should be saved as "order.html"

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