Everything you need to know about SAJAX!!!!

Everything you need to know about SAJAX!!!!

Since Ajax has become the focus of today’s web and application development. A lot of tools have been developed to cater to this programming technique. Although it has been dubbed to be a very challenging technique to master, it all goes down to three languages to build an efficient Ajax website: JavaScript, HTML and XML.

Some have preferred to use JSON instead of XML but an efficient mark-up language is all that Ajax needs to perform well. The efficiency it brings is almost second to none and the interface an Ajax application could do is beyond par.

If you are a developer who already has an advanced idea on JavaScript, building an Ajax based application could be very easy. But it does spell trouble when a developer who is proficient in other languages. Other frameworks and functions based on other languages will never be used in an Ajax based application as it is.

Technically, it could be integrated in any Ajax based website but the website or the application will not look good. An ideal Ajax based application could refresh parts of the webpage – and only those that have been changed will be activated. Other languages could be integrated but they will just look bad in the website.

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