MooTools – A Review

MooTools – A Review

MooTools is an open source JavaScript framework that evolved from the simple function called moo.fx. The developers of moo.fx have slowly expanded this simple function into a fully functional framework. As of this writing, the framework is on its 1.2.0 version and has been enjoying a good following along with other JavaScript frameworks.

MooTools is a lightweight framework. But do not think MooTools is another lightweight framework that would eventually stack-up. This framework is as lean as they could be. Instead of stacking up the functions and lines, MooTools divide the codes by developing functions in small code bases.

Expect to have a fully working function in 28kb or less. You can even compress it to make it even smaller. Another function that made it lean is the idea of modularity. Since functions could be laid out as modules, you will basically have an application that is lightweight. The modules built with MooTools are also lightweight in themselves and because of the modularity property of these functions; they are already optimized for performance.

Since moo.fx is originally an effects function, it is no wonder that MooTools is one of the best frameworks if you wanted to have a good looking application with all the effects on it. An Ajax based application will run faster even though there effects are bombarded in the application.

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