How To: Use Ajax for Designing Purpose, For Designers!!!!


For some AJAX is marketing speak for something that has been around for years. For others, it is the salvation they have been looking for, for seemingly centuries. I would tell the former group that the latter group finally caught up, and you should revel in the growth of your new community and accept them with open arms. Snobbery really won’t help anyone.

Recently Jesse James Garrett from Adaptive Path wrote an article for the duo at Ok-Cancel called “Why AJAX Matters Now”. As usual Jesse is insightful and dead on about why AJAX has arrived. More aptly I would say that Jesse describes well why the world is now ready for
AJAX where earlier uses of the same technology had really no chance of taking off.

Jesse does still speak of AJAX’s arrival in his article, and while it is not such an important distinction, I would like to correct him and say that AJAX (as our former group notes above) has been around for a while, and that other environmental variables have been put in place to make AJAX consumable.

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