How To: Upload Files in Java using Ajax


Browser-based file uploads, in particular those involving the HTML <input type="file"> tag, have always been rather lacking. As I am sure most of you are aware, uploading files exceeding 10MB often causes a very poor user experience. Once a user submits the file, the browser will appear to be inactive while it attempts to upload the file to the server.

While this happening in the background, many impatient users would start to assume that the server is "hanging" and would try to submit the file again. This of course, only helps to make matters worse.

In an attempt to make uploading of files more user-friendly, many sites display an indeterminate progress animation (such as a rotating icon) once the user submits the file. Although this technique may be useful in keeping the user distracted while the upload being submitted to the server, it offers very little information on the status of the file upload.

Another attempt at solving the problem is to implement an applet that uploads the file to the server through FTP. The drawback with this solution is that it limits your audience to those that have a Java-enabled browser.

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