Best Javascript & Ajax based Tabs!!!!!

If you’re building a web site which has tabs within the design, why not spice it up with a little Javascript magic. Today we round up 10 Javascript/Ajax Tab scripts you can easily incorporate into your future designs …

JQuery Coda Slider : The sliding effect is what the Coda-Slider is all about; Nice, slick content presentation

Perspective Tabs - Perspective tabs (formerly Sliding Tabs) is a simple mootools plug-in that allow for a lagre number of tabs to fit into a small space

Tab Accordion - Tabbed style accordion script written with Moo.FX

These are some of the useful links you should follow to achieve some of the best Tabs available.

some more useful links are
1. Tabs in Scriptaculous - This script will allow you to create interactive tabs for use in an application
2. Ajax Tabs Reloaded - From time to time you run across a cool site or test code and think that you may use it somewhere. I thought that about the HavocStudios Ajax tab system so I went back to the site to check it out

If you know of anymore of tutorials, please drop in a line or comment.

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