Collection of Best Ajax Based Tutorials

Collection of Best Ajax Based Tutorials

Contains scripts from building a Spy, Building Shelf in wordpress, Cookies, Simple Ajax Code and Snippets, Ajax using ASP.NET, How to Speed up your web applications, Creating your own effects using Ajax.

All the tutorials under one roof.

Building a Spy
Step by step instructions on how to build a Digg like spy page.

Building a Shelf in WordPress
Nice tutorial on how to build a sliding shelf in Wordpress.

AJAX from Scratch: Implementing Mutual Exclusion in JavaScript
This AJAX from Scratch series of articles describes fundamental techniques needed to develop AJAX Rich Internet Applications in JavaScript from scratch.

Saving Session Across Page Loads Without Cookies, On The Client Side
This is a mini-tutorial on saving state across page loads on the client side, without using cookies so as to save large amounts of data beyond cookies size limits.

A Tale of Two IFrames or, How To Control Your Browsers History
This is a mini-tutorial on the black art of iframes and browser history, known to AJAX experts but rarely presented clearly.

AjaxWorld Special: What Is AJAX?
Learn more about AJAX and ColdFusion

Simple Ajax Functions - Snippets
I've created a list of very common JavaScript functions for Ajax. They have been created in quick reference fashion and do not contain any fancy stuff. Instead of creating one function which can handle various tasks depending on passed values, they are split into seperate basic task functions. The reason for this is simplicity.

AJAX Using ASP.NET 1.1
You've heard of it. It is the latest buzz term for web programmers these days. AJAX is an acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX gains its popularity by allowing data on a page to be dynamically updated without having to make the browser reload the page. I will describe more about how AJAX works, and then go into some sample code to try out.

Speed up Your AJAX Based Webapps
It sets the expiry of the JavaScript to years and not days. Once the JavaScript file is downloaded it is never downloaded again, ofcourse unless you force it by removing the file in the cache. If you visit the site often the JavaScript will not be removed from the cache.

Kick-start your Java apps, Part 2
This tutorial guides you through the development of a small human-resources application, first using conventional JavaServer Pages (JSP) based technology, and then migrating it to a highly interactive solution using Ajax.

Howto integrate Google Calendar in your website using AJAX
One of the features I find it interesting in Google calendar is the possibility to create shared calendars, but also the availability of your calendar as XML or ICAL whatever it's a private or public one. As soon as we have XML of our calendar available I was wondering why not integrating Google calendar directly in website.

Create Your Own Ajax Effects
Why let have all the fun? Start building your own Ajax-driven visual effects today. The basic and prebuilt effects in are nice, but if you really want to build something great why not investigate doing your own, homegrown, do-it-yourself effects. We're going to show you how to take basic effects and build on them to create your own.

Hope you find these collection useful. If you find them useful, please drop in comments.

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