How to Implement Forms & Autocomplete using Ajax!!!!!

How to Implement Forms & Autocomplete using Ajax!!!!!

Scriptaculous Lists with PHP
The drag-and-drop effects, most notably the sortables, caught my eye because the look great, they are so easy to implement, and they're just so much nicer than the standard listbox with up/down arrows that we see in most of today's applications and administration tools.

Alter data with Ajax forms
Displaying rich formatted questions and lists, even paginated, is not enough to make an application live. And the heart of the askeet concept is to allow any registered user to ask a new question, and any user to answer an existing one. Isn't it time we get to it?

Dynamic Client LookupThis script uses AJAX to autofill a form. Open the demo and type in 1001 in the "client ID" text field. AJAX will when you have done this call a script on the server and auto fill the rest of the form with client data.

Chained Select BoxesThis script uses Ajax to popuplate a select box with cities based on which country you choose.

Ajax Dynamic ListThis script shows you a list of options based on what you type into a text input. Example: Type in "A" and Ajax will get you a list of all contries starting with "A".

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