Google's Click versus Facebook's Click!!!!

Google Second Click

For those of you who haven't read Dave Morgan's article on Google trying to capture the "second click" you should do so here: MediaPost - The Fight for the Second Click. It's a couple months old, but worth the read if you haven't seen it.

The point is, because of Google's position as the de-facto start page of the internet, they are able to control where users go - and that control makes them powerful, because traffic = money. The fight for the "second click" refers to Google thinking about how they can control not just the first click (Search!) but also provide a shortcut to answer the query on a second click. And because of their control of the search engine result page (SERP), they can always place their content above everyone else's.

It might seem like a big deal to do this, but you can imagine that if you ran a business in weather, real estate, dictionary reference, or movies, you'd want to know where Google was planning to expand here.

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