Google Gears and ADOBE AIR – Which Way to Go

Google Gears and ADOBE AIR – Which Way to Go

Google Gears and Adobe AIR are two applications that represent the next step of browsing experience. Although Google and Adobe do not really say that much about the philosophy of our online experience, we are always looking out what these applications means to our online experience. Because these two applications run on Ajax and foster RIA just like some of the best in the world, we have decided to look at them one by one and what these applications could mean to our future browsing experience.

About Google Gears

Personally, Google Gears have been helping me a lot in my browsing experience. When Google launched their set of applications, I was a bit hesitant since most of experience with these types of applications is a bit dismal. They usually come in very slow and would eat up most of my RAM, slowing my computer down almost to a halting stop. But Google Gears changed all that. It is a simple concept using Ajax to change our online experience.

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